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  • 22 september
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Nordic Weaving Network is a network for weavers, researchers and cultural intermediaries in and outside the Nordic countries. The purpose is to encourage interest and commitment in contemporary and older Nordic weaving and 
weaving tradition.

Upplandrya with grain drill as bottom binding. Woven by Maja Andersdotter (born 1816), Rörby, Bälinge parish. Belongs to the textile science study collection, Uppsala University.

Nordic Weaving Network


The network is aimed at everyone  with an interest and involvment in the Nordic weaving: weavers, researchers, students, collectors, curators ect.    

NWN wants to make the Nordic weaving and design historical cultural heritage visible as an important starting point for continued development and innovation of craftsmanship and design. 

 In NWN, we want to stimulate collaboration between weavers and other professional groups, such as relevant craft and academic disciplines with an interest in Nordic weaving.


The Nordic List

At VÄV22, NWN publishes a list of Nordic educational institutions,  organizations and associations where weaving is “The Red thread”.


The lectures take place in the Aten, at 3th floor

Program of the 7 Nordic TalksTo be held at the Aten, 3th floor   

Thursday 22th of September 2022 13.00-13.20
“The Swedish weaver Karin Bergöö Larsson” Eva Sundstrøm, Textile scientist and cultural historian, Sweden

13.30-13.50   ”The Icelandic Weaving Landscape”
Herborg ​Sigtryggsdóttir, væver, Chairman for the Icelandic Association of weavers, Iceland   

Friday 23th of September 2022 13.00-13.20 “The Finnish weaver Dora Jung” Päivi Fernstrøm, PhD, Associate Professor, Craft Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland
13.30-13.50 “Danish Rug Weaving / Sense & Samples”Gitte Karlshøj, weaver and designer, Vævernes Hus, Denmark
Saturday 24th of September 2022 13.00-13.20 “The Danish weavers Kirsten and John Becker” Tove Engelhardt Mathiassen, guest researcher at CTR, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
13.30-13.50 “The weaving landscape on the Faroe Islands” Guðrun Olsen, weaver, Faroe Islands
14.00-14.30 “Swedish Tweed” Stefan Moberg, weaver and spinner, Sätergläntan Institutet för Slöjd och Hantverk, Sweden